Corner Tiles

Series 41-0 - Spider Corners (see Series 01)
Series 41-1 - Ox Head Corners (see Series 04)
Series 41-2 - Tulip Corner (see Series 15)
Series 41-3 - Large Ox-Head (see Series 33)
Series 41-4 - Biblical Corners (see Series 19)

Note the corner design on the deco of your choice, and be sure to specify which design you want, if all are to be the same.

Style: Traditional and Handcrafted in Holland
Features: Handcrafted
Colors: Choice of "Traditional" Glaze, which has a very light blue-grey hue; or "White" which is the color of cream (0-0) and Crackled or Non-Crackled
Dimensions: 5-3/8" x 5-3/8" (13 cm. square)